As a company we are, like many others, operating in unprecedented circumstances


As you may know our vehicles survey assets and infrastructure on behalf of utilities companies, local authorities, central government and other bodies responsible for maintaining infrastructure and performing critical works vital to the normal functioning of a range of services and provisions that people are relying on. The Government currently considers telecommunications and highways safety work critical, including maintaining these related networks, and the imagery that our vans collect helps ensure maintenance activities can continue with fewer people surveying on site (in person). Accordingly our field staff are designated as ‘key workers’ as a result of this which means you may see our vehicles surveying the country throughout this period of uncertainty to help maintain your infrastructure and keep vital services running.

As a company we take our field staff operating under current circumstances incredibly seriously. All of our vans have a range of PPE equipment on board and we have rigorously briefed our staff on the conduct we expect in the current situation and in minimising contact – we review the situation and our internal briefings on a daily basis in line with Government/PHE guidelines.


A note for our customers:


On behalf of everyone at Gaist, I hope this message finds you safe and well.

We know these are unusual and unchartered times and that the majority of businesses in the UK are being affected in some way by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We are taking steps, along with others, to further safeguard our staff and our customers and I can assure you that we fully intend to maintain our usual high-quality level of service and work creatively with our customers to help you as much as we can.

In the light of the ongoing and rapidly changing situation, some of you may be navigating changes that your own organisations are introducing. You may have encountered significant changes in circumstances, including the possibility of staff shortages, restrictions on movement and changes to normal working conditions. We fully expect the situation to continue evolving and we will adapt with each change to support you as fully as possible. Equally we will keep you updated if changes occur that affect us and that we need to respond to as directed by Government.

We are dedicated to fulfilling our meeting commitments where possible so if you are unable to attend pre-arranged face-to-face meetings with Gaist staff, there are several options available to us including:

  • Telephone
    » Contact your account manager directly.
  • Teleconferencing
    » We can provide “dial in” details
  • Video Conferencing
    » We understand that several authorities have ICT restrictions on such methods especially if installations are required so are trying to utilise web based systems such as:
    – Zoom
    – Webex
    – Joinme
    – Skype (by URL)
    – Hangouts (by URL)
    – Teams (by URL)

Please contact your account manager and they will work with you in an attempt to conduct the meeting by the above alternative means. Equally, if you wish to organise a meeting in the coming weeks or have any questions, get in touch with us at or through your usual contact within the organisation and we will work with you to find the best way to fulfill your requirements.

I want to assure you we are well prepared for a number of scenarios and are able to fulfill all ongoing work commitments during these difficult times. As ever, we appreciate the trust you place in us, our people, and our services. We are also well placed to help other parties within your authority or externally with our image-based systems so please don’t hesitate to let others know if we can help them in any way.

Please get in touch if you have any questions!

Steve Birdsall, Gaist CEO