Gaist’s innovative projects with Cumbria County Council are showcased in a new e-book from AppyWay, the kerbside management, mobility and  parking solutions group.

The book, Unlocking thriving towns through digital innovation, showcases examples of authorities across Britain who are adopting digital technologies and a data-centric approach to more effectively manage their critical infrastructure.

By embracing technology, it shows, these councils are more effectively tackling their day-to-day challenges, optimising their asset management and improving services for local communities.

Gaist worked in partnership with Cumbria – England’s third-largest county – on BridgeCat, an innovative bridge inspection system. The project uses sonar, an underwater camera and sensors, to monitor the damage caused by floodwater and to improve resilience at key flooding hotspots.

The solution, prompted by the devastating winter storms of 2015/6, won the 2018 New Civil Engineer Tech Fest Judge’s Supreme Award. It is set to play a key role in helping bridges more widely to open more quickly after severe weather, re-connecting communities and minimising disruption.

We are also working together with Cumbria CC to transform statutory highways inspections – making them more efficient and streamlined and improving road safety for drivers and cyclists.

Our new safety inspections solution – SafetyView – was trialled for six month on Cumbria’s network. The council said the solution had “saved (us) huge amounts of time” compared to the traditional method of conducting the inspections.

In the e-book which is targeted at local authorities, AppyWay writes that it is “making the case for embracing innovation and digital transformation today, not tomorrow, to ensure authorities are equipped with the tools and solutions they need to take on their most urgent challenges (and) to build back better after Covid-19.”

Download the e-book here.