The role of cutting-edge technologies in boosting road safety will be elucidated by Christina Liassides from Gaist at Highways UK 2021.

Christina Liassides, Senior Consultant and Dynamic Data Product Lead will join a panel discussion to explain the ‘real world’ positive impacts that advancements in vehicle sensor technology are having on our roads.

She will explain how rich datasets and the effective use of data analytics, is providing a depth of intelligence about our road and roadside infrastructure to organisations across the public and private sector that has never before been available.

Armed with this knowledge, they are able to proactively address defects before they escalate into bigger problems and develop cost-effective and sustainable maintenance strategies which lead to safer, more reliable roads for all users.

The panel discussion, entitled ‘Is vehicle sensor technology the greatest development in road safety since the seat belt?’ will also include Paul Boss, Chief Executive of the Roads Surface Treatments Association and Bjorn Zachrisson of NIRA, the Swedish on-board analytics specialist. The panel discussion will take place on November 3rd at 13:50 in the Main Theatre.

Gaist are working together in a number of data sharing partnerships, including with NIRA, which are set to transform approaches to the maintenance of the network during the winter period. Their ground-breaking tie-ups will support highways authorities to take their winter maintenance service to the next-level by enabling them to understand, in real-time, the condition and performance of every road.

Gaist and NIRA will also be hosting a stand at the event (D60) – which attracts leaders and policymakers from across the highways, technology, engineering and connectivity sectors.

The event, held at the NEC in Birmingham, on 3 and 4 November, will be one of the first at which a large swathe of the mobility and highways communities meet in person following the pandemic.

In addition to examining the instrumental role of technology and digital processes in modern road network management, topics including sustainability and social value will also be explored. A welcome address will be given by Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands.

Gaist’s data-driven approach to road management and its exploitation of technology to provide a next-level of insight and intelligence about our critical infrastructure has positioned it as a highly respected and influential disruptor.

It is further cementing its position with its Global Partnership Programme. By layering its own data with datasets from other ‘best in class’ organisations from across the asset management, data and mobility sectors, it will be able to provide an even richer depth of intelligence to Local Authorities and the wider highways sector.

We’d love to see you there. Come by Stand D60 for a coffee & a chat. Equally you can contact the following team members in advance to arrange a meet!- Dave, Steve, Christina, Jake, John and Max