Gaist are supporting a range of partners across Government and private sector fulfil their net zero goals with their unique roadscape intelligence offer, informing the best highways asset management practices in use today.

Highways are often an under-considered contributor to carbon emissions with large scale maintenance activities involving bituminous materials and heavy machinery responsible for significant pollution. Coupled with the lack of useful data for understanding where and when to best intervene on highways for maintenance purposes, there are global inefficiencies in how we manage our road networks that mean roads maintenance activity contributes more pollution than it should.

With a renewed focus on climate change action with the COP26 event in Glasgow, there is a real opportunity to significantly reduce global emissions by focusing on improving efficiency in large-scale roads maintenance activity. The only way to effectively achieve this is through the best quality data that enables the most efficient asset management practices.

Working with Gaist enables private organisations and government administration around the world significantly reduce their emissions by streamlining asset management techniques to best serve the environment and communities around them- with Gaist capabilities underpinning your asset management strategy, you can make huge reductions in your carbon outputs by only performing the maintenance works you need to and always at the correct time.

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