Data Partnerships

A series of partnerships combining our data with complimentary technologies and datasets to form revolutionary new product offerings.

Gaist are shaping the future of transport in this tie-up with world-leading Smart Mobility Living Lab

Gaist is set to play a central role in the next wave of intelligent mobility developments, following a collaboration with the world-leading testbed, the Smart Mobility Living Lab (SMLL).

The SMLL is to integrate Gaist’s Roads as a Service (“RaaS”) providing a number rich datasets and insight into its lab testbed.

Gaist are supporting the 24km stretch of road network used to trial cutting-edge mobility technologies by supplying highly detailed carriageway and footway condition surveys combined with a full roadscape asset inventory. All of this is supported by Gaist HighwayView and 360 degree HD Imagery. Alongside this, Gaist have London wide data sets of dynamic road condition data and aligned 360 HD imagery, covering 14,000km of every road with the capital which will be available in the lab.

The testbed, in East London, is the most advanced of its kind. It is used by private and public sector organisations to answer crucial questions about their innovations, such as ‘is it safe enough?’ and ‘how will this service interface with existing transport services?’ and to demonstrate and evaluate their performance, safety and environmental impact.

Developed by TRL with partners from government and industry, the lab is currently being used as a centre to plan and deliver real-world user trials of Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) technologies and to support the accelerated training of AI systems.

The tie-up – the latest in a series of global partnerships unveiled by Gaist – sees Gaist join an elite club of forward-thinking businesses and academic institutions. SMLL members include Honda, Aviva, Nissan, Cisco and Telefonica.

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A new partnership announced in June 2021 between leading digital mapping company, Gaist and winter service specialists Safecote, is set to transform winter service provision for Local Authorities in the UK.

The partnership will see dynamic datasets made accessible to provide a step-change in the level of intelligence available to network managers.

Keeping the nation’s vital networks open and safe during the winter period, while also achieving best value from their winter maintenance budgets, presents a significant responsibility for UK councils.

Nightly decision making by Winter Duty Managers over how and when to treat the 225,000 miles of network, has traditionally been based on Road Weather Information Systems which combine weather forecast data with road temperature and condition data. Sensors embedded in the roads are connected by cable or mobile phone technology to automatic weather stations. Though time tested, the limitations of these systems are well documented.

Working with Safecote – a long established and highly regarded provider of winter service solutions – Gaist is now able to make available dynamic data sets which exploit this new technology.

Using real-time data captured from passenger vehicles, the data-sets combine road friction, atmospheric readings and roughness indicators to create a set of map layers to give winter maintenance professionals access to an unprecedented level of detailed information with which to inform their decisions.

For further information on this transformational winter service solution, please contact: Christina Liassides