Gaist- 15 years of Innovation In Highways

We have always put innovation for the benefit of Local Authorities first, which is why we are proud to be festival partners in the highways defects innovation category at the LCRIG Innovation Festival. In our 15 years in the highways industry, we have been relentless in our pursuit to provide better value for money through providing solutions that work for our local authority partners on their own terms.

The unrivalled highways surveying and analysis we offer has seen our customer base expand rapidly over the last few years as the industry has increasingly turned to advanced technological solutions to understand, and act on, improving the road network.

We would love to speak to you about our industry-leading condition surveys, asset capture and scheme identification capabilities- we will be present on stand 14 throughout the event.


Innovation Partnerships

Alongside our core offerings, we will be showcasing two innovations at this year’s LCRIG Innovation Festival. These mark the latest in a series of partnerships which are taking our unique roadscape intelligence offering into a growing number of global markets. These include tie-ups with TRL – the global centre for innovation in surface transport and mobility, Smart Mobility Living Lab London and leading data platform Confirm.


Dynamic Condition Data for Winter Maintenance (and beyond…)

Understanding of the condition of roads infrastructure has taken a leap forward following our collaboration with winter specialists Safecote and NIRA Dynamics, the global onboard analytics leader.

Multiple NIRA dynamic datasets from vehicles on the road feed real time information into our national road layer which fuses forensic and dynamic data of every road, enabling Local Authorities and wider stakeholders to understand their unique performance and asset management requirements

This is a further step in us providing the deepest understanding of the road network and roadscape yet and, through the Local Authority early adopter scheme, has opened up new possibilities for understanding and managing infrastructure to local authorities and other asset owner/operators.

The partnership has been entered for the winter maintenance innovation award at the event and we are looking for further Local Authorities to work with so, if of interest, we would love to speak to you.

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Cutting-Edge Road Safety Solutions

The safety of highways across Europe is set to significantly improve following our most recent tie-up with Aisin, which will combine their advanced technological capabilities and data with our roadscape intelligence to proactively target potential road defects and safety issues.

Aisin, part of the Toyota Group, has developed technology which is able to detect unusual driving patterns directly from vehicles. This includes repeated instances of heavy braking that can be an indicator of road deterioration or poor safety design.

By providing high-definition visual imagery of these ‘red’ areas and access to their advanced scheme design capabilities, Gaist will combine with Aisin to deliver a powerful tool to local authorities and other asset owner/operators. It will enable them to efficiently and easily identify and target danger spots on their networks and develop appropriate repair and maintenance plans.

Aisin are also exhibiting next to us at the event (we are on stand 14) and we will be offering demonstrations of the technology to interested parties.

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