A modern approach to highways safety inspections for Scottish councils will be outlined in a webinar on Wednesday (22 July).

SafetyView introduces significant cost and time efficiencies into the highways safety inspection process.

By providing an unrivalled level of intelligence on network condition – and enabling it to be viewed from a desktop at anytime – defects can be quickly evaluated, repairs prioritised and valuable time freed-up for highways inspectors.

It also provides a comprehensive log to support the 32 unitary authorities in Scotland against claims related to road condition.

Claims are an area of increasing focus for councils with the Scottish Borders Council alone paying out £145, 773 in settlements to motorists left with damage to their vehicles in 2018-19 following a total 482 claims.

Traditionally, highways inspections are carried out by a slow-moving vehicle – or on foot. They can necessitate traffic management with its associated costs and disruption.

In contrast, SafetyView uses Gaist vehicles – working at traffic speed – and equipped with 360 degree, high-definition cameras. Route inspections are captured in high-quality imagery and processed into a seamless video which can be accessed from a desktop.

For an invite to the webinar, on Wed, 22 July, click here.

To learn more about SafetyView, contact SAFETYVIEW@GAIST.CO.UK or visit https://www.gaist.co.uk/safetyview.