The announcement that the Department for Transport (DfT) is planning to widen the scope for highways authorities to employ technologies other than the standard SCANNER option for assessing road surface conditions has been welcomed by senior industry figures.

Customer expectations and network demand on our roads is at an all-time high and can only be managed effectively with the right intervention at the right time. This is true whether the aim is fixing existing road issues, understanding road deterioration over long periods of time or planning and making cases for new, extensive investment.

In recent years the gathering and analysis of rich, detailed data about the road and roadscape has been elevated to a new level- Gaist is at the forefront of these advances, with its intelligence utilised by a wide range of local authorities across the UK and governments globally.

Steve Birdsall, Gaist CEO, expanded by saying:“As a global provider of digital roads and condition surveys we have seen over the last 8 years an increasing level of demand from our Local Authorities clients for solutions that deliver a range of actionable roadscape insights for carriageway, footway, street furniture and signs.”

He continued , “The Gaist ‘Road as a Service’ model fuses real time road condition data with forensic DVI all supported by 360HD imagery and is available through the RAMS framework. We look forward to supporting the Department for Transport throught this transition and in to the future”

With a roads maintenance backlog estimated at over £11billion in 2020 this announcement is a welcome step towards solving longstanding roads challenges across the UK. The availability and integration of new technologies is a crucial step towards ensuring our roads are fit for purpose for generations to come.

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