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Gaist COVID-19 Statement –

As a company we are, like many others, operating in unprecedented circumstances. Please read our COVID-19 statement here

Surveying global critical infrastructure

Gaist is a multi-award winning international highways and mobile mapping company.

We have the most comprehensive, up-to-date national bank of high resolution roads and asset infrastructure imagery. Our advanced digital and automated processes then gives us the power to supply customers with the highest level of detail, analysis and modelling of their infrastructure.

Our customers in the UK and internationally include local authorities, central government departments, software asset management companies, utilities suppliers, private infrastructure owners and highways maintenance contractors.


Our advanced highways surveys and analysis places us the forefront of innovation in the highways industry internationally.


Telecoms & Utilities

Our geo-referenced roads and footways data and intelligence (which is added to daily) is a crucial resource for telecoms and utilities companies, network planners, project and asset managers to design, plan and execute roll out and upgrade projects.


Consulting & Technical Services

Our professional services team provides a range of consulting and technical services to external organisations allowing them to plan, design and implement programmes that are tailored to their requirements.


Leading the way in roadscape and highways information

Data on the roadscape environment is integral to highways authorities, asset owners, utilities companies and others. Here at Gaist we have the most accurate and immersive data available. This includes:

514,412 km

of data spanning 7 years.

Over 3.6 billion megabytes of data or just under
3.7 petabytes which is equivalent to over 720,000
worth of data storage

Our clients view approximately 1,252,135
images per day, at peak usage we provide
access to around 63481 images per minute

Over 2.3 billion

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best insight into critical road infrastructure available in the world.

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Gaist, Ordnance Survey & DfT talk data and decision-making at webinar

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