Our Roadscape Intelligence Platform is open to Strategic Partners who can maximise the value of the data, turning overwhelming topics into powerful conversations to deliver advanced solutions to their customer bases.

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We provide a whole new level of data layers to geospatial data providers, via access to the rich complete data sets within our Roadscape Intelligence Platform, enabling them to create more valuable insights for their customers.

The efficient and effective management of any infrastructure relies on timely, accurate and detailed asset information, including condition monitoring.

Our reputation for providing robust, accurate and reliable data that you can trust. Our data modelling technology allows our partners and clients to view the long term implications of investment strategies which is vital for whole of life asset management.

Gaist’s Roadscape Intelligence Platform can consume data from third parties to enhance the overall intelligence and solutions we provide to our customers.

We are at the forefront of integrating dynamic data streams from third parties to create new solutions for our partners.

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RAMS framework

The services we provide can easily be procured under the RAMS (Road Asset Management System) framework. The Procurement of the RAMS framework has been undertaken in accordance with Public Contract Regulations, 2015. The tender process was carried out under the Open Procedure following the publication of Find A Tender Service contract notice, publication number 2021/S 000-000293 dated 07/01/2021. This framework is available to any Contracting Authority in England and Wales that is a ‘Local Authority’ as defined in Section 270 of The Local Government Act 1972, and the Department for Transport.

The first step is to complete and submit the Access Agreement form on the RAMS Framework website https://ramsframework.co.uk/ and once approved by Blackpool Council (The Framework administrative authority) you will have access to the members area where all of the relevant contract documentation can be downloaded.

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