Highways safety inspections are a statutory obligation for councils. Vital for keeping roads safe, they also provide authorities with critical evidence necessary for defending against claims.

However, these inspections consume much time and resource. Typically carried out by a slow-moving vehicle, or on foot, they can also necessitate traffic management with its associated costs and disruption.

In a webinar, hosted by the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG), Gaist, the highways technology company, will unveil a modern solution to these challenges.

SafetyView, which has been trialled in three councils, introduces significant cost and time efficiencies into the safety inspection process. It enables councils to more quickly identify defects, pinpoint Areas of Investigation, prioritise repairs and free up the time of their highways inspectors.

Using Gaist vehicles – working at traffic speed – and with 360 degree, high-definition cameras, route inspections are captured in high-quality imagery and processed into a seamless video which can be accessed from a desktop.

The bank of secure, fully auditable and clear imagery also provides councils with a robust and comprehensive evidence base to assist in any claims.

For an invite to the webinar, on 23 June, contact LCRIG.
To learn more about SafetyView, contact safetyview@gaist.co.uk