Gaist will be flying the flag for excellence in transport innovation next week when we attend the ITS World Congress – the biggest global event focused on smart mobility and the digitalisation of transport.

Our Global Business Development Manager, John Cartledge, and Head of Business Development for Scotland, John Swift, will be showcasing Gaist’s trailblazing work at the congress having been selected to attend as part of a UK delegation led by the Department for Transport.

Our selection follows our recent listing as a ‘high performing’ company in the Department for International Trade’s Smart Cities Directory.

A central focus of the ITS event this year will be the role of digital techniques and processes in helping cities and countries worldwide to adapt their transport systems to new ways of living and working following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The role of data-driven approaches to deliver, operate and maintain low-carbon transport infrastructure will also be a core focus for delegates as the COP26 UN climate change summit approaches.

Earlier this year, a UN task force stated that innovation and smart mobility solutions including AI and Big Data analysis, would be “the cornerstone of a swift move towards sustainable transport solutions.” It added that public and private sectors needed to be in a position to embrace these developments.

Since launching, 14 years ago, Gaist has built a global reputation for its use of advanced digital processes to provide deep insights into the roads and roadscape. Its data-capture and analysis services, spanning surface materials analysis, asset condition and deterioration modelling are utilised by local authorities, utilities and broadband operators to support more effective project delivery and to help them deliver proactive asset management and targeted safety solutions.

Gaist’s digital mapping expertise is also being used by a growing number of ‘next generation’ mobility firms and connected autonomous vehicle organisations which depend on a comprehensive and fresh picture of every detail of the roadscape to supply their services.

Gaist Head of Global Business Development, John Cartledge, said: ‘The ITS World Congress is one of the biggest events focused on smart mobility and the digitalisation of transport. To be selected for the ITS UK delegation is testament to the power of the solutions Gaist deliver to multiple markets and we look forward to speaking to many of the delegates’

Around 10,000 global delegates are expected at the congress, which takes place on 11-15 October.

Come and visit us at stand B5311 at the event. For further information on how Gaist supports organisations in the public and private sector with unrivalled roads intelligence or to organise a meet-up with the team at the ITS event, please email: or