A new global partnership programme will see Gaist forge collaborations with companies across the mapping, mobility and asset management sectors.

Working with third parties and layering its datasets with other rich, high-quality data from partner organisations, Gaist will provide an even more detailed picture to customers in an increased number of markets.

Future partnerships under the programme will help to further build the UK’s capability and insight around our roads and cities, unlocking new applications for these hybrid datasets which could drive new services and the creation of new jobs.

Current partners span a broad spectrum, including digital mapping, data exchanges, pavement management & GIS platforms, professional services and mobility sectors. These tie-ups are helping organisations tackle their challenges and to unlock innovative new services.

Gaist, a world-leading authority on roads and roadscape intelligence and analysis, will now continue to expand its work with best-in-class organisations- combining insight, datasets and technology and utilising joint expertise and knowledge to unlock the power and value of its imagery combined with forensic and dynamic change intelligence.

Over the past decade, Gaist has cemented itself at the forefront of the market for capturing and analysing high-definition data about roads and roadside infrastructure across the globe.

Using AI and computer vision techniques, Gaist analyses this data to provide private and public sector organisations ranging from local authorities and central government to utilities and smart mobility organisations with a rich source of intelligence to power their decisions making, target their resources effectively and intervene at the optimum time to resolve issues and increase safety for road users. It is also providing a vital foundation for the delivery of the UK’s autonomous vehicle capability.

Andrew Loveless, Gaist’s CRO, said: We are pleased to launch The Gaist Global Partnership Programme and look forward to working together to promote the value of roadscape intelligence to proactively manage critical infrastructure around the world. I am reminded of the quote from another road enthusiast, Henry Ford:“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”.

The increasing importance to the UK of location data in the transport sector and beyond was highlighted by the establishment, in 2018, of the Geospatial Commission. The expert committee is tasked with unlocking the economic, social and environmental opportunities offered by location data and helping the UK to take a leading position on the world stage.

For further information on our global partnership programme please contact Andrew.Loveless@gaist.co.uk