RE-booting our cities is an urgent priority for governments globally as they build back from the pandemic.

Many urban planners and policymakers – in the UK and internationally –  are seizing the opportunity to re-think how we could re-shape our urban centres for the better, develop healthier buildings and put technology and sustainability at their heart. In Britain, this week for example, Ipswich announced plans to become the first ’15-minute town’.

As providers of the most authoritative intelligence and analysis about the road and roadside infrastructure, our expertise is being deployed to support these build back efforts – and to help to create ‘smart’ cities which use technology to better serve the needs of their communities.

Technology in Turkey

Last month, Gaist was among the high-potential UK technology companies selected by the Department for International Trade (DIT) to join a virtual trade mission to Turkey.

The three-day, UK Tech Week Turkey event, facilitated by the British Chamber of Commerce, Turkey,was designed to promote the development of partnerships between Turkey and the UK. It examined the role of innovation and technology in helping Turkey to rebuild its urban spaces following the pandemic and explored how the two countries can work together to maximise digital and green technologies for future growth.

Turkey had already pledged its commitment to the creation of technology-driven, modern cities in 2019, when it rolled out its 2020-2023 National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan.

A push to roll out these plans was back on the agenda at the trade mission, which was organised in partnership with the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Representatives from businesses, government agencies, academia, and thought leaders took part. The agenda comprised of keynote speeches, panels, workshops and one-on-one meetings.

Speakers included Tayfun Uğur, Board Member of the British Chamber of Commerce, Turkey. He said that 56 per cent of firms in Turkey view themselves as being at the beginning of their digital journey.

BCCT CEO, Emrah Öz, highlighted the new opportunities for post-pandemic and post-Brexit bilateral cooperation.

Gaist, which was recently listed as a ‘high-performing” company in the DIT’s UK Smart Cities Directory,  is now in early-stage discussions about supporting a key Turkish city with our data capture and analysis services. The proposals involve Gaist capturing rich data about the network – creating an essential ‘digital twin’ of the road and roadside infrastructure.

Our intelligence around road condition, material and existing infrastructure will be vital to support the city’s planners in improving existing roadscapes and in the introduction of new smart city infrastructure such as electrical vehicle chargers, intelligent traffic systems and mobile connectivity.

Christina Liassides, who represented Gaist at the event, said: “Our roadscape data is the platform on which everything is built and our digital intelligence is instrumental in transforming cities.”

Global Gaist

Today Gaist is supplying our unrivalled asset data capture and analysis services across five continents including Africa and Asia. In Japan, we are working in partnership with Shimizu, the $15 billion civil engineering and architectural group to help build a full and rich understanding of the long-term investment need of Japan’s highways infrastructure.

We are proud to be playing a role in creating the smarter cities of the future.