Gaist selected for Innovate UK ‘Urban Systems’ Campaign

Over the next 30 years, some 400 million people are expected to move into urban environments across India. This presents major opportunities and obstacles which are captured in part by the Government of India’s 100 Smart Cities mission, requiring the best and brightest in innovation to meet the far-reaching urban challenges.

Gaist were among companies selected for the Innovate UK Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP) ‘Urban Systems’ campaign. It is bringing together high-growth innovative businesses from the UK with resident leaders, policy makers and investors to explore and exploit the opportunities for collaboration, growth and innovation in Urban Growth in India.

Having been recruited as one of 15 trailblazing UK companies identified as examples of excellence in transport innovation, Gaist will send representatives to bring our unique roadscape intelligence capabilities to the global stage once again. Taking place this week, our CEO Steve Birdsall and Global Business Development Manager John Cartledge will visit the innovation and smart city communities of Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, and Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu.


Post-pandemic challenges in transport

As they work to recover from the pandemic and meet ambitious net zero targets, countries and cities worldwide are exploring how they can adapt transport systems and promote healthy, sustainable travel.

Policymakers across the globe are grappling with questions around accelerating urbanisation, improving maintenance of local roads and active travel infrastructure and how usage of our roads and footways will change in coming years.

In the UK, the Government has unveiled a £2billion package to transform our urban areas, supporting cycling and walking with the aim of doubling cycling and increasing walking to work by 2025.


Gaist: Transforming Roads Globally

Our digital mapping expertise is already being used widely by UK Local Government to help with post-pandemic efforts to improve the country’s ageing road infrastructure and meet net zero targets.

Already active in 5 continents, Gaist are no strangers to partnering internationally and this will provide further opportunities to bring the transformative benefits of our unique roadscape intelligence offer to smart mobility and urban infrastructure, planning and transportation in India.

The objective is to encourage knowledge sharing and networking and ultimately for organisations globally to join forces in pursuit of a common goal: a better future with a greener, safer urban environment across India.


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