Gaist will be out in force next week as we support the post pandemic ‘build back’ through contributions to a series of major industry events across highways, telecoms and the upcoming COP26 event in Glasgow.

Christina Liassides, our Senior Consultant and Dynamic Data Product Lead, will join a panel session at Highways UK in Birmingham to explain the ‘real world’ positive impacts that advancements in vehicle sensor technology are having on our roads.

She will explain how rich datasets and the effective use of data analytics, is providing a depth of intelligence about our road and roadside infrastructure to organisations across the public and private sector that has never before been available.

The panel discussion, entitled ‘Is vehicle sensor technology the greatest development in road safety since the seat belt?’ will also include Paul Boss, Chief Executive of the Roads Surface Treatments Association and Bjorn Zachrisson of NIRA, the Swedish on-board analytics specialist.

Also on 3rd and 4th November, Steve Birdsall, our CEO and John Cartledge, our Global Development Manager will be at the CGI Digital Climate Technology Partner Expo in Glasgow.

The event, hosted to coincide with the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) taking place in the city, will explore how emerging technologies and data-driven approaches are helping asset owners and planners in the transport infrastructure sector to reduce their imprint on the planet. Gaist were recently selected by CGI as one of their Digital Climate Technology Partners helping their clients achieve net zero carbon reduction targets and will represent the most advanced efficient highways asset management processes at the event.

Meanwhile back in Birmingham, Ian Job, our Head of Business Development, will be presenting to the individuals and organisations at the forefront of work to develop competitive digital infrastructure.

Ian will be presenting on Highways Data for Fibre to the Home Design at the Inca Scaling Up: Creating the Gigabit Future event. He’ll be looking at the critical role that detailed intelligence and insights into the road network and its surrounding infrastructure will play in supporting the rapid and successful roll-out of high-speed broadband for all.

We look forward to seeing our friends and partners ‘in real life’ again.

For further information, or to arrange a catch-up at any of these events, please contact (INCA) (CGI/COP26) or (HWUK)