Gaist’s SafetyView set to transform highways safety inspections

The challenges faced by local authorities in keeping their roads safe and well-maintained are set to be significantly eased with a transformative new service from Gaist.

The new service – SafetyView – enables rapid capture and display of every safety defect on an inspection route. It also provides the most comprehensive possible record of potholes and other damage to support councils to respond to legal claims.

Highways safety inspections are a core aspect of road management for local authorities and essential for ensuring the safety of road-users. But they are time and resource intense – often carried out on foot and sometimes necessitating traffic management measures. In addition, the information captured may not be robust enough to respond to legal claims.

Steve Birdsall, chief executive of Gaist, said that the new approach, utilising the latest in digital technology and visual systems, would “re-define how we deliver safety on our highways.” It would give local authorities and other highways infrastructure operators, “the full confidence they need to make the correct maintenance and investment decisions and to support the safest possible road networks for their customers.”

Details of the new service – which is targeted at highways directors and managers, safety maintenance leaders and inspectors are to be unveiled in a webinar, held with the Local Council Roads Innovation Group on Thursday (16th) at 11 am.

Since its launch, 15 years ago, Gaist has been an innovative force in the highways sector. It has disrupted traditional ways of working by applying technology and digital processes and its expertise in camera technology to provide the deepest understanding yet of our highways and footways.

The multi-award-winning business has enabled local authorities and other organisations to rapidly access precise and high-quality intelligence about their networks, arming them with the intelligence and knowledge needed to inform the optimum maintenance and repair strategies and to do more with less in these financially constrained times.

The business’s potential was underlined in 2018 when BGF, the private equity group, made a near £3million investment to help fund its expansion. Today, its technology is deployed around the globe.

SafetyView, which was developed with input from the Department for Transport and insurance companies, was successfully trialled by three local authorities.

Capturing data at traffic speed, it will provide the highest level of detail about road condition and deterioration trends. It can be delivered to individual organisations or deployed as a regional, shared service enabling councils to leverage the benefits of working collaboratively.

 More information on how Gaist is advancing safety inspection systems is available on our website, here.