Global Partnerships

A series of strategic global partnerships devised in collaboration with major regional partners to make our products and services accessible the world over.

Gaist are pleased to announce a global partnership with TRL – the global centre for innovation in surface transport and mobility and provider of leading-edge research into infrastructure, vehicles and human behaviours.

The tie-up will see Gaist and TRL work together to solve global roads challenges, shape the road asset data and standards landscape and explore potential advanced applications of roads data. The partnership will also examine the role of roads data in supporting more efficient, greener and safer transport infrastructure.

Gaist will join TRL’s Smart Mobility Living Lab London – the lab developed by TRL with partners from government and industry to enable innovative mobility organisations to test new products and services safely on live public roads.

Advances in mobile technology and capturing techniques and a reduction in the cost of sensors and other equipment, has taken the gathering and analysis of rich, detailed data about the road and roadscape to a new level. Gaist is at the forefront of these advances, with its intelligence utilised by countries around the globe.

The demand for Gaist insights has boomed with Its traditional customer base of local authorities now extended to broadband and utilities organisations, the new breed of ‘smart parking’ and smart mobility groups as well as those at the forefront of the Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAVs) revolution.

As part of the collaboration with TRL, Gaist’s road asset data will be integrated into TRL’s cloud-native iROADS asset management system, enhancing each other’s existing data products and services to bring greater value to clients across the globe.

For further information on how this partnership is changing the global application and exploitation of detailed, high-definition roads data, please contact Jake Lawson