Platform Partnerships

A series of partnerships designed to broaden access to our services through the world’s premier data platforms.

The ability of local authorities to effectively manage their infrastructure assets is to take a significant step forward following a partnership between Gaist and the leading asset management software platform, Confirm.

The partnership will see Gaist’s detailed and high-definition data about the roads and roadside infrastructure, made available through the Confirm platform.

Confirm, which was last year acquired by Dude Solutions, is widely used by organisations across the public and private sector to support them in extending the life of their assets, managing their capital planning processes and maximising operational efficiencies.

Local authority (LA) fixed assets, including highways, are worth around £239 billion, which positions them as the second most costly resource for authorities to manage after staff.

While individual LAs vary considerably in the size and nature of their asset holdings, common challenges are presented by tightened budgets, the social and economic damage wrought by the pandemic and the need to embed sustainability and environmental requirements within their asset management strategies.

These challenges have made innovative, effective and ‘smarter’ ways of managing their assets ever more critical as they seek to ensure an economical, high-performing and resilient infrastructure to support flourishing communities.

The alliance with Confirm marks the latest in a series of partnerships by Gaist as it leverages its reputation for boundary-pushing and innovation to further advance management of infrastructure assets both in the UK and globally.

By working with ‘best-in-class’ organisations and combining insight, datasets and technology and expertise, Gaist will support public and private asset operators to better prioritise their resources and to develop management strategies which more effectively balance the need for sustainable, resilient infrastructure, sound budgeting and a high level of service for road-users.