Highways safety inspections are a obligation for councils, vital for keeping roads safe and providing critical evidence to defending against claims.

What is it:

Highways safety inspections are a statutory obligation for councils. Vital for keeping roads safe, they also provide authorities with critical evidence necessary for defending against claims. However, these inspections consume much time and resource. Typically carried out by a slow-moving vehicle, or on foot, they can also necessitate traffic management with its associated costs and disruption.

Our newest product offering, SafetyView, offers comprehensive data capture and display for every safety defect across all your inspection routes supporting every decision you make with the best data and analysis available.

As the result of exhaustive internal product development and an extensive trial with 3 councils, SafetyView meets the highest quality service standards for all customers, bringing you the most comprehensive safety inspection support service available.

With over 15 years working with a wide range of Local Authorities to enable them to effectively manage their road networks, Gaist are industry leaders in delivering premium data capture and display tailored to our clients’ needs.






SafetyView offers significant cost and time efficiencies into the highway safety inspection process. It enables you to quickly evaluate defects on your network, prioritise repairs and free up valuable time for highways inspectors. The benefits are numerous, covering every aspect of your requirements for safety inspections and more:

Carrying Out Inspections

  • Data capture at traffic speed eliminating the need for additional Council spend on traffic management
  • Takes away the need for two council inspectors to be out to conduct an inspection
  • Fully auditable, clear imagery of entire route- you own the audit trail

Risk Investigation

  • Highway Inspectors view from a computer at any location and at any time
  • Concentrate on areas of investigation – no need to view or traverse entire network- we do the leg work
  • The 360 degree imagery gives you the full context of safety defects in high-definition
  • Visual and written record including what action had been taken by Highway Inspector

Public Reports and Claims

  • More up to date than Google StreetView, inspections scheduled in keeping with Council’s requirements
  • Eyes on the road imagery so you can examine the defect and surroundings in detail, every time
  • Visual record of entire route for accurate and auditable decision making on claims- we give you the full chain of evidence

Asset Management

  • Accurately track defect condition inspection after inspection
  • The best intelligence on road condition and deterioration trends
  • Provides accurate information for developing bespoke maintenance schemes for your network
  • Creates a powerful record of the whole roadscape to help with asset inventories and other inspections
You can see the detailed process by which we assist your highways safety inspections in the infographic below:


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Giving you the best imagery and human-led analysis available to enable you to make the right decisions for your network every time. To learn more about SafetyView and discuss how we can assist you, get in touch with us at safetyview@gaist.co.uk

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