Gaist is a multi-award winning international roadscape and highways technology company. We use digital processes to provide deep insights into roads and the roadscape to organisations both in the UK and globally.

We are leaders in having the biggest ever data bank of highly detailed images of the roadscape and highway network – meaning we can provide our customers with unrivalled intelligence and analysis of the whole roadscape based on their specific needs. This includes:

  • Providing high level asset information, mapping and location identification
  • Surface Materials analysis
  • Deterioration Modelling
  • HD site location imagery


Gaist was born in 2007 through a vision from founder and CEO, Steve Birdsall, who saw a gap in the roadscape sector and knew that by utilising data and technology to understand the condition of highway infrastructure and assets, we could undertake detailed lifecycle planning and ensure the location of the assets, the materials that are used were understood and how this could be translated into planning and funding cases.

These key attributes and passion is still the same today as it was from the start. However what has changed is that our understanding of the assets and the technology we use has continued to develop and get better leading to a high value and regular award winning quality products and excellent support and commitment we give to our customers.

GAIST is more than a technology company, it’s a team of people working to build an ethical business, which works in partnership with our clients to support continued innovation, and most importantly long term, measurable, value.

Gaist founded by current CEO Steve Birdsall

Worked with our first council – Blackpool Council

Developed our technology for vehicle deployment

VentureFest Yorkshire – Winner Innovation Showcase

Customers moved into double figures as Gaist continued to grow

CIHT Award – Winner Project 30 – Partnership with Blackpool Council

Highly Commended CIHT Vinci Concessions Highway Asset Management Award

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) undertaken in partnership with University of York in the field of Computer Vision

Provided rapid response infrastructure damage analysis for Cumbria CC

Key Gaist staff invited to 10 Downing Street in recognition for the company’s part in supporting Government and Cumbria CC in 2015/16 flooding

Started our National Databank on classified roads in England

BridgeCat – Mobile Bridge Inspection System built and tested

First major round of investment with BGF (British Growth Fund)

Completion of Trial Survey of Yokosuka District, Japan for Shimizu Corporation

Submitted evidence to Transport Select Committee on Roads and Funding and invited to appear in front of the committee itself

AI Hub announced, first major AI National Roadmarkings Health check undertaken

Who we work with

Our clients range from bluechips to local authorities, utility and telecom companies and other organisations involved at the vanguard of the autonomous vehicle revolution and the future of mobility. We are also a trusted partner to the UK Department for Transport with whom we partner on the implementation of award winning innovative projects.



We are passionate about the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help us build the deepest, most sophisticated understanding of the roadscape environment.


This is why Gaist has its own AI Innovation Hub at its Headquarters in North Yorkshire. We work closely with the University of York, as well as our own in-house computer scientists and research specialists, to deploy the latest deep learning research techniques to accelerate the development of Gaist’s tools, techniques and IP.

Please contact Dr Stephen Remde for further details.



Gaist works in close partnership with the University of York and other world-leading experts to develop our understanding of key areas such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and to use this to provide further value to our clients. Our Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University has helped us to hold our position as the leading company for roadscape intelligence.

We were excited to have launched a new AI Innovation hub, the first in the UK for roadscape in April of 2019. Our AI on Roadmarkings has already been used in a landmark project with DfT.

Gaist is also working with central UK government and other organisations on research projects, including trials of Bridge Sensors, BridgeCat – the mobile bridge inspection system – as well other roadscape and resilience related innovations.

Contact our Director of Innovation and Research, Dr Stephen Remde, to learn more.


Board Members

GDPR at Gaist

As a UK company Gaist is committed to ensuring our business services and internal processes are fully GDPR compliant.

As a managed data provider, data privacy and security of Gaist’s business and something Gaist takes very seriously. Gaist remains committed to protecting personal data in compliance with the highest standards of privacy and security.

Annually we undertake independent audits of all our processes end to end. As a company that uses data imagery in some of our services you can be assured we are fully compliant with GDPR.