Our mission to capture and curate the biggest bank of high-definition data about the UK’s road and roadside infrastructure began thirteen years ago.

Since then, we have continually refined our processes – ensuring we provide the most detailed and fresh source of spatial data, HD imagery and insight about our roads – and that it reaches those who need it, quickly.

Mobile mappers

Each day, our fleet of mobile mapping vehicles cover vast areas of the country – 434 612 km to date. Now equipped with 360-degree cameras and other HD cameras and sensors, they survey every A, B, C and U road and every street sign, road marking telegraph pole, lamp-post and tree – capturing the raw data sets which form the foundation of our product.

Huge expertise and experience goes into this process. The angle at which we survey, the time of day and the weather are all critical factors in ensuring that the end data and insight for a wide range of asset management needs is truly world-class.

Why our data is different

We have built our reputation on the level of detail and currency of our products – the value and context we provide over and above existing data sets in the market.

Take a telegraph pole – it’s a critical asset for many use cases and commonly not a feature on many maps. If it is, only the location is provided.

Our data will tell you 19 different details about our telegraph post – where it is, the surrounding material and condition and number of cables and which properties they connect to.

It’s this that transforms the decision making, operational & asset management strategies and resource allocation of those who use Gaist’s data, insight and analytical capabilities. And it supports the effective maintenance of and helps extend the life of roads which are valued in the 100s of billions of pounds on the Government balance sheet.

Another important area is supporting the effective rollout of 5G and fibre which is potentially worth £50bn to the UK economy- and which is another key policy driver in our post Covid-19 economy.

Currency is another area which sets Gaist apart. Our capture cycles range from monthly to annual, providing valuable change intelligence to a wide range of use cases.

Our users

Initially, we worked at a regional level – supplying our rich, real-world data  and unrivalled conditional analysis to broadband and utilities companies, those carrying out critical programmes of construction and infrastructure and local government bodies.

Our data-sets provided them with an unrivalled depth of understanding and intelligence about the complex road environment to inform their decision making and shape their planning. The added benefit was that their exploration and interrogation of this rich data could be done from their desktop, reducing travel, increasing safety and effectively supporting design and planning activities

In response to growing national demand for a comprehensive dataset and related analytical services, Gaist is now mapping all of the UK. This will be the most authoritative, highly detailed view of the roadscape, ever.

AI: Innovation to add value

Our team of data-scientists continually explore more efficient ways of capturing and mapping the data.

We have invested significant time and resource, for example, into developing our application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enable us to automate the extraction of key information from our images. This supports Gaist’s ability to provide a range of analytical services to the market and to answer questions such as “tell me the condition of white lines on our roads?”.

Going global

In 2018, we secured our first major round of investment with BGF (British Growth Fund). This investment has enabled us to take our market-leading mobile mapping technology global and provide policymakers, governments and organisations in both emerging and developed countries around the world with the intelligence and the actionable insight  they need about their roads and road-side infrastructure.

An example of our international partners include Shimizu Corporation, the US $15 billion Japanese AEC group, supporting both Japan and other nations


Driving Britain forward

As the pace of technological change has accelerated, the range of organisations using our data and analytical services has widened too: It now includes smart parking groups, those involved in developing smart cities and the organisations at the vanguard of the autonomous vehicle revolution.

We are working closely with key Government departments too, particularly the DfT, the Geospatial Commission and DCMS, supporting their efforts to make the infrastructure investments and developments necessary to boost our economy, help our pandemic recovery and keep Britain competitive on the global stage.

We’re part of a team – including Deliveroo and Ocado – supporting a project to capture data on the country’s worst potholes as the Government seeks to accelerate efforts to make our roads safe for returning pupils and office workers.

Buckle up we’re just getting going

Our passion for mapping our roads and delivering valuable intelligence unlocking the secrets they hold is unabated.

Our built environment constantly changes and evolves – new buildings are erected, new roads are built, new developments emerge.

Our mission is to ensure that we keep abreast of those changes, mapping them as they happen and playing a central role in helping the UK to fully unlock the value of this most precious resource: geospatial data.

To learn more about how our rich roadscape data can unlock value for your organisation, please contact Jake.Lawson@gaist.co.uk