Gaist is among companies selected for the Department for International Trade’s ‘Future of Transport’ campaign. It is bringing together experts from both sides of the Atlantic to explore the role of sustainable, innovative transport solutions in our post-pandemic build back.

At Gaist, we love a map. This month, two maps have provided a particular focus for us. One of Lancaster (home to our office in the Northwest) and the other of Los Angeles. So, what’s the connection?

A: The British Consulate in LA has selected us to join its November trade mission.

We have been recruited as one of 14 trailblazing UK companies identified as examples of excellence in transport innovation.

The mission forms part of the Department for International Trade’s (DIT) Future of Transport campaign which runs across this month.

The campaign is bringing together leaders, policy makers and investors from the UK and US to join a programme of events, discussions and knowledge sharing.

The activities will include an exploration of how sustainable transport systems can support the re-build of cities and economies following the pandemic.

It will also tie-in with the LA CoMotion conference – an event which will bring together public transport leaders, technologists and venture capitalists – to explore the “new mobility revolution”.

Opened by the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, it will include a keynote by Rachel Maclean, the UK Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport.

With lockdown, the Gaist team won’t, sadly, be taking the 8,000-mile trip to LA or soaking up the Rodeo Drive sunshine. This one is a ‘virtual’ mission which we will instead be joining from our desks.

The objective is to encourage knowledge sharing and networking and ultimately for organisations globally to join forces in pursuit of a common goal:  a better future with cleaner and safer transportation for all.

How will Covid change transport?

As they work to recover from the pandemic, countries and cities worldwide are exploring how they can adapt transport systems and promote healthy, sustainable travel.

Policymakers are grappling with questions such as whether homeworking will become a more permanent trend and whether habits around public transport and sentiment towards it will change forever.

In the UK, the Government has unveiled a £2billion package to support cycling and walking with the aim of doubling cycling and increasing walking to work by 2025.

Gaist: Supporting the pandemic recovery

Our digital mapping expertise is already being used by the Government to help with post-pandemic efforts to improve the country’s ageing road infrastructure.

We’re part of a team which also includes Deliveroo and Ocado, which is providing rich, fresh data on England’s road and roadscape to support the development of a comprehensive picture of road condition. The condition map will enable the Government to better target investment.

Gaist is also one of a number of high-profile organisations that are supporting the UK Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) Roadmap, a tool helping to put the UK at the forefront of developments around the self-driving revolution.

We’ll be posting updates on activities relating to the trade mission (while dreaming of that LA sunshine..). Stay tuned…

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