Gaist enables Jersey to continue road maintenance during COVID-19 lockdown

How we helped:

A detailed video survey of the condition of its network completed by Gaist earlier this year has helped the Government of Jersey continue with highway maintenance work during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Gaist HighwayView system has enabled Jersey to ask whether a site visit is even necessary when making COVID-19 risk assessment. With the Video viewer decisions, incidents and work can be done by viewing the video survey online.

“Using the Gaist video survey has not only allowed work to continue but also we have been able to keep our engineers safe and adhere to COVID-19 lockdown rules by sending engineers out on fewer site visits,” says Robert Cabot, Highway Maintenance Manager for the Government of Jersey.

Mr Cabot engaged with Gaist last year after seeing them at an exhibition. “We decided that it was time to complete a video survey of our network to get a more accurate record and detailed idea of the condition of our network, and reduce the need for site visits. During the pandemic the system has really come into its own and has provided a vital tool for us to carry on planning our work during this period,” said Mr Cabot. “The system has also enabled me to assess major works and understand whether we can delay some work until next year,” he adds. “In the future, it will also mean we can prioritise and plan all of our works more effectively. The quality of the surveying and the data is really good and in my mind, it can only get better.  I am also very interested in other technology and how it will be helping us in the future. My colleagues responsible for sea defences are starting to use drones for their surveys so this is something we in highways will also be able to take advantage of in the future.”